And here it is – the video of our new song


It’s also available as High-Quality audiotrack on bandcamp:

And here we gooooo! We proudly present our new music video for the song

„If I was God“

from our recent album „AN602“, which was released on March 27th. It was one hell of a ride – but we had a lot of fun.

A big hug to the following lovely human beeings for making this possible:

  • Hux Humaldo: production
  • Anja Benedetter: make up, on-set pictures
  • Peter Zoglauer: pictures, production assistance
  • Michael Reibnagel: production assistance

Thanks to the Gemeinde Pottendorf for the filming permit and Audiolight for light&fx

September 4 (07:00 pm - 11:30 pm)
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